Pursuit of ambition in the dungeon.

He come from a place that eats its children and future in a tussle for smart phones, pussy, six pack of 500ml liquor, and leading figures pursuing minor cookie to cleanse blood and feeling young at lounge joint. Valspan is the place, it is surrounded by lush plots of broederbond who thrive on the large unskilled labour reserve in the “location” predominantly populated by sons and daughters of the soil. Isn’t amazing that apartheid terminology is still in use in terms of categorization of places, for instance places associated with those with melanin are still named township, informal settlements or location.
Conversely places where those with black of melanin are called towns, urban areas, or suburbs. In most cases one find the former with severe socio-economic challenges and the latter with thriving communities with less socio-economic challenges other than obesity and which car to purchase. Oh never mind my rant I know its frustrations of being hungry and on the periphery of the mainstream economy etc.

His name is Dipogo, his upbringing was not pleasant, let me not dwell into misery and heartache. This story should be one of those that reflect little on hardships but that shows gallant character amidst the environment one comes from. It should defy stereotyped and typical narratives that lean mostly on misery and appeal to emotions of people to relate to the story.

 I don’t deny the significance of humble beginnings angle in storytelling. Nevertheless back to Dipogo, after matriculating at Tlhwahalang High School in 2008. He was eager to get to institution of high learning, particularly being a lawyer of note. That one who make tons of money just for speaking for several minutes at the magistrate court; that one who arouse woman just by his taste in suits and cars. #Pause.To be continued.........



  1. I shall await the continuation to hear of Dipogo.... as i was just about to start enjoying the narration and my popcorn you shut me out! . . lol


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